Adhesive Man Interview (IndieComicsNews)

What do you have coming out in 2009 either in print or online?

In February 2009 I released Adhesive Man #1 through Imaginary Comics (  Adhesive Man is a quarterly series that follows the hero through his crimefighting adventures.  Adhesive Man is part superhero parody, but in many ways is also a tribute to the heroes that I grew up with.  There will be four issues ofAdhesive Man by the end of 2009.  In late 2009 I will also be releasing the first issue of a series called Neverending Sally.  On this series I am artist and co-writer with my friend, Ms. Stephanie Ann, and I look forward to releasing some more details on that one real soon.

I’d also like to mention that the group I’m working with, Imaginary Comics, has a couple other series in development by artists Eric Myers and Darren Fitzpatrick.  You can read more about them and their respective projects at

How has the current economic situation affected your plans for 2009?

Thus far it hasn’t.  I planned on establishing my ideas and getting some quality work out there this year and following that up with a push in the next year or so.

What will be your focus for 2009 in regards to your projects, networking, and growing your career/business?

Currently I’m in talks with local Chicago comic shops to carry our books.  I’ve been encouraged to get active with the smaller conventions that come through town and we’re working with one shop in particular, The Zone Comics in Homewood, IL, to put together some events and bring the local Chicago artist community out for some projects.  So basically communicating with comic shops and networking at conventions is in the plans.  And of course we’re making a strong internet marketing push via social networking sites.

What piece of advice would you give to other creators on how to sail the rough seas of 2009?

Do what you have to do to hang in there.  Stay consistent in both frequency of releases and quality of work.  It will pay off eventually if you give it your all.  Independent comics is always a long term investment and it’s easy to throw in the towel, fight that urge.

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March 3, 2009