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Tell us a little about yourself!
Sure.  I’m a writer/illustrator from a town just south of Chicago.  I’ve been putting out comic books under the Studio Erbo label for some years now, and am finally releasing my first prose novel, Blister.
What are the creative origins of “Blister”?
I worked with some bands, doing web and graphics work, about fifteen years ago.  I used to hear stories and experienced some of my own.  They were an interesting group of people to know.  About ten years ago I made a ton of notes and plotted Blister out as a comic strip.  After ten years of being sidetracked, I finally got back to it and decided that a book would be a fun format to go with.
I like the fact that Oi punk is such a big part of your story. What made you want to choose Oi punk to begin with?
In the 90’s Rancid really resonated with me.  They weren’t Oi per say, but the influence was there.  The kids in my story have influences spanning from Op Ivy, to the Ramones, to Jawbreaker.  So it’s not really heavily influenced by a specific sub-genre.
I hear there’s a real EP of Blister songs that’s involved here?
Yeah!  That was one of the most exciting parts to me.  I’ve made some awesome musician friends over the years.  One happens to be Jim Steinkraus.  He’s a guitarist in a band called “The Bigger Empty.”  The lead in the band is Mike Felumlee of Smoking Popes.  The two of them, along with bandmate, Reuben Baird, put together some songs as Blister to accompany the book.  You can hear the first track “Bad Hand” on Spotify or at right now.
Any last words for our readers?
I’ve had some great response to the stories in my book so far and I’m really excited about it.  If you’re willing to give the little guy a chance, please visit studioerbo.comand check it out.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks for talking to me!

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May 8, 2016