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Ever wondered how a touring punk band of 2 people is like?

Blister is a beautiful memoir about two punkrockfriends , sometimes not so good friends , who are trying to make it in the big punkmusic buisness. With hopes held high , and a muscal talent only us regular people can dream of, they start their journey trough giggs, dodgy people,crushes,love drama and of course dressing up as dinosaurs!

Author: Herbert Brixley & Eric J . Cockrell.

So here is my review of this punkrock memoir;

Who was your favourite character, and why?

My favorite character must be Bert aka Blister! His way of handling difficult times and trubled friends are amazing. And he is always there for his pal Harv, despite Harvs misbehavior.

Did the characters feel real to you?

Yes !,Especially the character Rebecca. The way the author describes her in her enteringscene is fabulous.

Did the story keep you guessing?

Yes , the whole story left clues troghout , wich made you read on to know the full story.

What was your favourite part of the book?

The part where Berts aka Blister dad tells Bert he dont need his money back ( After their messed up gigg) and he saw it as an investment. That was an really awesome part to read. As some punkrockers dont have parents supporting them like that.

Were certain types of scene written particularly well ?

Yes , the part where Rebeccas dad calls Bert over and eventually breaks down in tears , and tells Bert , his crush and childhood bestie, Rebecca , has had cancer for several years ,and had now passed away. That was a very emotinal scene.*Tries not to cry*

Did the book make you laugh or cry?

It made me bipolar! When things start to go good , they turn bad , and then back again. But this book delivers a whole spectre of emotional rollercoasting. Its brilliant author work!

Did the story grip you and keep you turning the pages?

Totally! I was amazed reading about Bert and Harvs relationship. Bestfriends but still mortal enimes. Such a great book. It mentions the struggle of being a upcoming punkband , with all the problems and victories that includes.

I would really recommend this book to all music interested people out there! Everyone can relate to what this book is telling.

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August 18, 2016

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