Studio Erbo Joins Envoy Comic Distributors

Studio Erbo announces that its comic book division has signed a distribution deal with Envoy Comic Distributors.

Envoy Comic Distributors is based in New Jersey and services comic shops nationwide. A few notable shops that they have agreements with include: Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, The Fortress of Solitude, and Fat Cat Comics, with several shops coming on board prior to their 2017 launch.

“Satire at its finest, Studio Erbo takes brilliant shots at popular comics. The stories in their anthologies leave you wondering how they are going to top them with the next. It’s a privilege to have them as a part of the Envoy team,” said Jon Miller of Envoy Comic Distributors.

Studio Erbo is a growing brand with several recent successes, including some convention showings, and a recent successful Kickstarter for a subscription service. Many releases are scheduled through 2017, including continuations of the Defective Comics and Rejected Hammer Thesis series.

“We are thrilled to bring our brand to Envoy Comic Distributors and for the expanded reach they will give our products. Their presence in some prominent comic shops, as well as our work being represented by them, and made available through them, at several industry conventions, will be an exciting opportunity,” stated Eric J Cockrell, President of Studio Erbo. “We look forward to supporting our new distributor in their efforts to promote the indie comics community and furthering the exposure for our growing selection of comic books.”

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