For many creators, small press comics, books, and zines are a great outlet, providing a voice.  These short run pieces are often depositories of literary genius, fearlessly tackling any and all subjects.   This August we’re giving that voice another outlet and we wholeheartedly invite you to SPE@K!

2017 is the first edition of SPE@K!


Eric J Cockrell
of Studio Erbo

Eric F Myers
Vice President
of Logistics & Operations

Darren Fitzpatrick
Vice President
of Sales & Events


Studio Erbo is a publishing conglomerate, creating anything from books and comic books, to illustration and video productions.

In 2015 Studio Erbo crowdfunded a series of books called “Defective Comics.”  Indiecomix.net declared, “Defective Comics reminds us that there is more than one way to tell a superhero story and sometimes heroes are just plain weird.”

2016 brought us the novel, “Blister: A Punk Rock Memoir.”  The story has been described as “At times it’s an accurate portrayal of living as a teen in the 90’s, at other times it’s an outrageous comedy that’s filled with awesome one liners (if this was a movie everyone would be quoting it ad nauseam).”

Also in 2016 the anthology series, Rejected Hammer Thesis, joined the fray with issue #3.   Featuring stories from a variety of artists and writers, Rejected Hammer Thesis acts as a graphic mixtape.  The anthology reaches into any genre, and is perfect for a reader who is seeking a blast of of originality and exceptional creativity.

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