Angela is the first story in the Blister novel, in which Blister falls for a girl at a funeral, and spends some time trying to impress her.  It also explores the inner-band dynamic between him and his bass-playing best friend, Harv, as egos conflict, with a little teen angst and a dash of planetary revolution thrown into the mix.

Who or What is Blister?

Blister is a teenager in a punk band looking for his place in an evolving world. He thinks he’s got things figured out, but he is continually challenged by everyday issues—you know… girls, jerks, and the age old question, “Am I punk enough?” Can one ever really be punk enough? Answers to these questions and how Blister navigates his world along with his conspiracy theorist best friend and bandmate, Harvey Schnieder, whom he refers to as a “perpetual fifth-grader” puts punk in perspective and rebellion within reach.

What is Blister?

Inking a page from Blister




My name is, Eric J Cockrell.  I’m a comic book Creator/Writer/Artist from Bradley, IL, and currently act as President of Studio Erbo Comics, which began as an illustration and music marketing service in 2005. I regularly creates and publish work through this label. I have done work on anything from books and comic books to album covers to logos and letterheads.  I’m also a traditionally trained Illustrator, having graduated from The American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, his major in Commercial Arts and Graphic Design.

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Other Work: Blister Novel (2016)Defective Comics (2015-Current), Giant-Size Adhesive Man (2012), Adhesive Man (2009)


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