Created and Written by Eric J Cockrell & Gene Hoyle
Pencils & Inks by Gregory Woronchak | Colors by: Avery Ferdinand
Letters by Michael Waggoner | Edited by Chuck Pineau

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Blister creator Eric Cockrell and Gateway Runners creator Gene Hoyle, with artist Gregory Woronchak, colorist Avery Ferdinand, editor Chuck Pineau, and letterer Michael Waggoner, present DULCE, a new self-published all-ages fantasy/horror/sci-fi series.

Strange things are said to occur two miles below the surface of the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico at the mysterious Dulce Base. Is it everything they say, or is it worse? Join our colorful cast and see for yourself.

NERD NATION PRESENTS #2 arrives in April with an exclusive four-page story and the first look at this mysterious world.

The first book of the DULCE series will Kickstart this April for release shortly after, in May, from Studio Erbo Comics.

Trespassers will be delighted to the furthest extent of the imagination!

Please contact Eric Cockrell or Gene Hoyle with any interview or other press opportunities.

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