Eric has been drawing comics since the age of seven. His works have improved dramatically since that first time he drew a stick figure get digested and subsequently evacuated by a dinosaur. With a couple pieces housed in the archives of his alma mater, The American Academy of Art in Chicago, and a decade of published, professional works, Eric has put together an impressive body of work, with ongoing comics featuring original characters, including Adhesive Man, created a quarter century ago. His latest project is an adaptation of his 2015 novel, Blister: A Punk Rock Memoir. The first issue successfully Kickstarted this year.

As head of Studio Erbo he overseas the production and publication of multiple projects, working with a team of five to seven creators at a time. Eric is also the organizer of Studio Erbo's annual small press expo, SPE@K!.

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The Webcomics Hurricane Relief Telethon Book (2006)

SMS Yearbook 2006 (cover) (2006)

Adhesive Man #1 (2009)

Adhesive Man #2 (2009)

Imaginary Comics Annual #1 (2009)

Pugtime Stories (2011)

Giant Size Adhesive Man (2012)

Bam Too! (2013)

Defective Comics #1 (2015)

Defective Comics #2 (2015)

Defective Comics #3 (2015)

Adhesive Man #1 Remaster (2016)

Rejected Hammer Thesis #3 (2016)

Blister: A Punk Rock Memoir (Novel) (2016)

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