Eric J Cockrell

Illustrator, Writer


Eric J Cockrell is a Chicago based author/illustrator of anything from books and comic books to album covers to logos and letterheads. Eric is a traditionally trained illustrator, having graduated from The American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree.

Full Credits

The Webcomics Hurricane Relief Telethon Book (2006)

SMS Yearbook 2006 (cover) (2006)

Adhesive Man #1 (2009)

Adhesive Man #2 (2009)

Imaginary Comics Annual #1 (2009)

Pugtime Stories (2011)

Giant Size Adhesive Man (2012)

Bam Too! (2013)

Defective Comics #1 (2015)

Defective Comics #2 (2015)

Defective Comics #3 (2015)

Adhesive Man #1 Remaster (2016)

Rejected Hammer Thesis #3 (2016)

Blister: A Punk Rock Memoir (Novel) (2016)


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