Eric Joseph Cockrell is an Aster Award-winning video producer, comic book creator, author, and a co-host and producer of the web video series “Strange Tales Weekly.” He is best known for the comic book adaptation of his book “Blister” which follows a group of punk rock kids in their formative years. Essence House is his first foray into serial podcasting.


The Webcomics Hurricane Relief Telethon Book (2006)

SMS Yearbook 2006 (cover) (2006)

Adhesive Man #1 (2009)

Adhesive Man #2 (2009)

Imaginary Comics Annual #1 (2009)

Pugtime Stories (2011)

Giant Size Adhesive Man (2012)

Bam Too! (2013)

Defective Comics #1 (2015)

Defective Comics #2 (2015)

Defective Comics #3 (2015)

Adhesive Man #1 Remaster (2016)

Rejected Hammer Thesis #3 (2016)

Blister: A Punk Rock Memoir (Novel) (2016)

Dulce: The New Guy (2018)

Dulce: Tour of Duty (2019)

Chronicles of the Essence Guard Podcast (2020 – Current)

Essence House (Novel) (2021)