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About the project

Be a part of something special! Studio Erbo is launching it’s first subscription service.  This Kickstarter will help fund the production process and allow us to expand our line of books like never before.  One-time payment at one low price!

About Studio Erbo

Studio Erbo is a publishing conglomerate, creating anything from books and comic books, to illustration and video productions.

In 2015 Studio Erbo crowdfunded a series of books called “Defective Comics.”  Indiecomix.net declared, “Defective Comics reminds us that there is more than one way to tell a superhero story and sometimes heroes are just plain weird.”  The series was funded for three issues and the continuation hinges on this effort.

2016 brought us the novel, “Blister: A Punk Rock Memoir.”  The story has been described as “At times it’s an accurate portrayal of living as a teen in the 90’s, at other times it’s an outrageous comedy that’s filled with awesome one liners (if this was a movie everyone would be quoting it ad nauseam).”

Also in 2016 the anthology series, Rejected Hammer Thesis, joined the fray with issue #3.  The series is the brainchild of Eric F Myers and always features an interesting mix of stories.  RHT is a another title that benefits from this crowdfunding effort.

Subscription Titles

The 2017 subscription is made up of the following mix of titles, one issue releasing bi-monthly.

Rejected Hammer Thesis is an anthology comic series, produced by Eric F Myers.  The stories are drawn from any genre, and created by a variety of artists.

Releases: #4 Jan 2017, #5 Sept 2017

Defective Comics is a family-friendly series of comic books. The comics are based on our characters, primarily Adhesive Man and the Gnat. They are unconventional crime fighters which often leads to strange adventures, and hilarious exploits.
Releases: #4 Feb 2017, #5 Nov 2017

Adhesive Man has been sticking in there since 1992.  After a number of parody releases, Adhesive Man is finally getting his day in the sun as a proper superhero, just in time for his 25th anniversary!
Releases: #1 July 2017

A lot of Gunpowder and a little bit of magic has launched the crew of the Celestial Noise into the heavens where angels and demons await. Yet the most terrible danger they’ll face in this incredible journey is man.
Releases: May 2017

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