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Frank Fosco



  • Frank is best known for his stint on the 23 issue run of Image Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Did work for DC on Legionnaires, Superman / Elseworlds, Steel, Robin and Zero Hour among other DC works
  • Contributed with pencils for Marvel on The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine : A 12 issue 40 year anniversary of The Fantastic Four paying homage to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
  • Done numerous backups for Image’s Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon which includes long runs on Vanguard and Frank‘s creation Ethrian.
  • Artist of Kingstone Media : 101 Questions and the Bible Vol 7.

2017 Guests


Jessica Acosta


Jessica Acosta started her writing career in the third-grade with Ed and Bob, two aliens who crash landed on Earth. Page after page of silly adventures would transform her into the writer she is today. She’s hoping her prose has improved with age.

The adventures of Ed and Bob is to be continued….

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Carlo Barros

Carlo Barros draws stuff. The father of three (two human, one furbaby) has done some work in ‘analog’ role playing games. Carlo draws inspiration from everything, including: Anime, Manga, Bande Desinee and American comics; Gundam; Punk Rock, Electronic music and Eighties movies; and even weird phenomena happenings around the world…lt’s all in there–swirling around in his mind–keeping him up at night.


Christina Loaraine


Christina Loraine is a full-time fine artist who loves synchroncities and telling stories across different mediums. She lives far enough outside of Chicago to see the stars and enjoys spending time with her son and husband. She was a Philosophy major and still spends a large amount of time with her head in the clouds. Christina recently finished her first book, an ecological fantasy crossover, and is compiling a chapbook of illustrated science fiction poetry. You can find her instructing art classes, painting commissions, and trying to blog more frequently at ChristinaLoraine.com


Eric J Cockrell


Eric has been drawing comics since the age of seven. His works have improved dramatically since that first time he drew a stick figure get digested and subsequently evacuated by a dinosaur. With a couple pieces housed in the archives of his alma mater, The American Academy of Art in Chicago, and a decade of published, professional works, Eric has put together an impressive body of work, with ongoing comics featuring original characters, including Adhesive Man, created a quarter century ago.

As head of Studio Erbo he overseas the production and publication of multiple projects, working with a team of five to seven creators at a time.

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Ryan Dow of Introspective Comics


Introspective Comics is a philosophical slice-of-life webcomic.

Darren Fitzpatrick


Chicagoland artist, Darren Fitzpatrick is a long-time collaborator on the Adhesiverse series of books. As the creator of the Gnat (and related characters) he has added a richness that has lent itself to some incredible jokes and fascinating storytelling. Darren debuted the Gnat in the summer of 2009 in Adhesive Man #2, spinning off into the Gnat #1 the following year. In 2012 Darren added a story to the Giant-Size Adhesive Man collection, chronicling the adventures of the Emergency Sidekick Alliance.


Ryan Heywood


Bitten by a radioactive comic book as a young man, Ryan gained absolutely zero comic book based abilities. However what he did get was a great joy of reading, which I suppose he already had because he was always reading stuff including comics. Using this bizarre near encyclopedic knowledge of things that may or may not have actually happened in comics, Ryan brings everything he can to the table when it comes to helping develop stories that Eric Cockrell vastly improves every time, as well as feeding wild tales to Eric F Myers, which pop up as random surprises now and then.


J.M. Hunter – Angry Artists Studios


J.M. Hunter aka The Indy Hunter is one-half of Angry Artist’s Studios is the publisher of BAM TOO! (Big Ass Mini-Comic) and brings along with him a background of fine art, comics publishing and currently design, J.M.’s work can best be described as energetic, visceral and risk taking. He currently resides with his family in Washington, IL by way of Southern California (SoCal), and has debuted the first primer for a larger format of comics and culture known as The Indy Gazelle featuring his creation, “Pirate Santa Claus: Agent of Constantinople”


Kiss Me Comix


Kiss Me Comix founded in 1999 from the then husband and wife team of Rod and Barbara Jenkins. KMC was established due to the lack of diversity and minority representation in mainstream comics.

Kiss Me Comix launched publication in 2000 with Serenade, the first title produced by creator Barbara Coney-Jenkins. Bountyhunter followed in 2001. Since, then KMC has expanded with other titles, wall art, music, all aimed at providing readers of all ages with a total multimedia entertainment experience.

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Jennifer Johnson


Hi, I am Jennifer! My current focus is making sequential art that is relatable, fantastical, and fun. My favorite subjects to draw are bears! Like the bear is adaptable to different environments, I am versatile in different art styles and media. I loves bears so much I made my first comics about a bear called Bear Bear Comics. Whether I am drawing cute bears or writing about magical worlds I want my art to evoke a full range of emotions and spark wonder in those that come across my pieces.


Jenn Lantrip


I’m Jenn. 34. Chubby white lady. I like to draw, write, listen to music, love on my furry children, laugh at Tumblr with my nerdy partner, and stuff my face with sweet things. I also work full time at a craft store. If you like what I do, maybe you can donate to my Patreon so that I can work part time at a craft store instead. Then I can draw more. That’d be swell. I am also floating around Twitter and other places, so click the links up top if you want to chat with me!


Mandy Madrox


Born and raised in Kankakee Illinois, I’m addicted to coffee and love chocolate covered strawberries. Who doesn’t?

I love to write. I don’t want to write the next big thing, I just want to tell a good story. Aside from the Nephilim series, I have a few ideas within the science fiction genre I’m working on, another in the fantasy realm and a few just for laughs.


MaKiArTs Illustrations


My name is Amber Robinson and this is MaKiArTs Illustrations.  I do commission work and can make paper birds and butterflies in any colors or amounts up to 100 per person. (within an allotted amount of time).


Eric F Myers


Despite the warnings from teachers and parents, Eric has been been experimenting with comics since his adolescence. It started with just a few harmless doodles which lead to much harder sequential art, such as single panels and gag strips. He battles his addictions with the support of his loving wife, Candi, and their three adorable daughters, Lucy, Rose, and Mabel (whom have also been showing signs of doodles).


Oh! Oozi


Oh! Oozi Is an artist driven by creating unique art projects with a focus on twisting the common conventions of cartoons, childhood memories, and pop culture in fun but ridiculously dark ways. He specializes in illustration and making things weird. His work can be seen in everything from art books, comics, movies, and even twisted greeting cards. Check it out on Puppygrenade.com

Notable Projects:
GRLZ (art book series), Oddly Greeted (Holiday greeting card company),
Ghost Spy (Comic Book from Image Comics)


Adrian Puente


Influenced by a creative family and a misunderstood love of the movie TRON, Adrian studied Art and Animation, having achieved his Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College In Chicago. This lead to employment with studios that produced animation for a variety of media, including commercials and Warner Bros television series. Adrian’s focus has since changed to comic strips and books, with various projects in the works under the Defective Comics brand!


Elliott Scott


The earliest drawings I can remember creating were a series of light cycles from the original Tron movie that I created for family and friends in late 1985. Within two years, after a family friend showed me how easy it was to draw one of my favorite characters, I understood that there were people that were behind all the entertainment that I enjoyed, and I wanted to be one of them.


Sound Series

Sound Series on Facebook

We are a concert series hosted at Feed in the heart of downtown Kankakee. Check us out!


Spunion Comics

Spunion on Facebook

Spunion Comix is a saterical psychedelic comic series based around the music festival scene; featuring Work from international artists. Coming May 2017!


Studio Erbo


Studio Erbo is a publishing conglomerate, creating anything from books and comic books, to illustration and video productions.


Tango Comics


Established in 2009 Tango Comics is an indpendent graphic novel publisher headquartered in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Spawned out of dedication to comic publishers EC and Fawcett. Tango Comics is dedicated to bringing back fun, excitement and sincerity back to comics!


Gregory M Thompson


Gregory M. Thompson is a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror writer with publishing credits in Macabre Realms, Digizine, Aphelion Webzine, Concisely, Digital Dragon Magazine, Dark Gothic Resurrected, Midwest Literary Review, Roar and Thunder, The Fringe Magazine and more. He also has an award-nominated science fiction piece in the collection, Steampunk Anthology, published by Sonar4 Publications and has a horror/western story called “Cora” in the anthology, Welcome to Hell: an Anthology of Western Weirdness, edited by Eric S. Brown. Nightcry and The Golden Door are two of his novels, released in March and June 2011 respectively.


Work Press & Publication


Work Press & Publication is a publisher of artist books, zines, comics, and photo books based in St. Louis, MO and Champaign, IL.  The idea of work and work ethic is what drives our company. Our investments are time and energy, and our product is not just a singular object, but a practical example of the doctrine that hard work gives way to good ideas and that those good ideas, in turn, manifest into hard work.




Catholic artist and storyteller. Freelancer creating comics and illustrations. Watches far too much animation and reads far too many webcomics. Gets inspiration from folklore, steampunk culture and anime fight scenes.


August 12, 2017


FEED Arts and Cultural Center
259 S Schuyler Ave, Kankakee, Illinois

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