As an artist I have numerous influences, anywhere …

As an artist I have numerous influences, anywhere from Jack Kirby to Fred Hembeck. A couple stand out specifically in terms of the creation of Adhesive Man, and subsequently the entire “Adhesiverse.” in 1992. That’s 25 years ago!

The first prime influence would be the 1991 release of Jeff Smith’s Bone series. The story is fun, deep, light hearted, and epic. The art is top notch and the fantasy world juxtaposes perfectly with the cartoon main characters. But beyond all of the stuff that makes it award-winning, was just the idea that it existed. At the time it was unknown and created by an unknown. It was an indie comic anomaly, probably the biggest since Sim’s Cerebus. I ate it up and still do to this day. This was the ultimate example of the success that an indie creator could obtain, and long before he reached his ultimate successes. I was blown away.

The second one was the 1992 launch of Image Comics. Every one of my artist idols of the time got together and created this amazing indie comic mess. The books weren’t perfect, and they were rarely punctual, which was frustrating. But they were beautiful and obnoxious, and I couldn’t get enough. They were a next level example of what an indie comic could be.

So, that’s my introduction to my 2017 Defective Comics t-shirt design. The series regularly parodies classic covers, so I chose the first Image Comic, Youngblood #1, as the basis of my latest parody design. Happy 25th Anniversary Image Comics! Happy 25th Anniversary Adhesiverse!

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April 3, 2017

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April 3, 2017