The earliest drawings I can remember creating were a series of light cycles from the original Tron movie that I created for family and friends in late 1985. Within two years, after a family friend showed me how easy it was to draw one of my favorite characters, I understood that there were people that were behind all the entertainment that I enjoyed, and I wanted to be one of them. My fascination with the human form came in seventh grade, when I claimed a set of comic book cards that, I’ll admit, didn’t belong to me. But they had amazing drawings of awesome characters that captured my imagination. I drew from those cards for years… That one criminal act jump started my love of comic illustration, and the comic book collection that grew from it spurred me on to develop as an illustrator. After a long period where I had gone without completing any serious projects, in 2002 I dedicated myself to re-learning how to create engaging illustration. I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be; fortunately I didn’t even see how difficult it HAD been until a few years had passed, and I began to look back and realized that I was better than I had ever been. Today, I’m proud that this feeling remains with me with each project I complete, and proud to have my son Nathaniel to share that with. Since he has expressed an interest in illustration now (which I SWEAR I haven’t forced on him), I’m excited to share with him what I’ve learned. Each drawing that I approach still gives me apprehension…but that’s what makes each finished piece such a victory, and showing Nate what that process and victory looks like makes it that much better.

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